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Edit idea description

This guide will help how to edit the description of your idea. Read more about how you can do in order to personalize the idea.

Adding a description to your idea can help make your trip-list more personal, but also more manageable, as you’ll have all information for your trip gathered together and saved in Lentii.

Who can edit the description?

If you are a Traveler, you are only able to edit the ideas you have added yourself. Trip Owners and Trip Planners are able to edit all of the ideas inside of the trip-list.

Edit the description

Simply follow these steps to update or add a description to an idea:

  1. Click on the idea you want to edit to prompt a popup
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the popup to see the “Description” section
  3. Click on the section to start adding or changing the text
  4.  When you’re done press outside of the pop-up in order to close it
  5. The updated text is added automatically
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