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Delete ideas and bundles

If you regret one of your ideas or bundles, you can easily delete it. This small guide shows you how.

When brainstorming for your next trip it is easy to find an overload of ideas. We have created these unique bundles to help you sort many ideas depending on what makes sense.

But if you find yourself in a situation where multiple ideas are suddenly off the table, we have made it easy to clean up the trip-list and remove unwanted ideas and bundles.  

Removing ideas

If you regret adding an idea, you can quickly delete it again. Just hover over the idea, and press the orange bookmark icon in order to remove your idea.

delete idea

Removing bundles

You can also choose to remove entire bundles. In this case, hover over the title, and you’ll see an icon of a trash can with the text “delete”.

Press delete, if you are sure that you wish to remove this bundle. Removing a bundle also removes the ideas that you’ve added to it.

NB: Deleted bundles cannot be recreated!

Delete bundle

Retrieving deleted ideas

If you want to retrieve deleted ideas, then check out this article.

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