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Creating your first trip-list

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Lentii is here to make every traveler's life easier. Since there is no tool quite as agile on the market, we made a guide on how to use it.

We is Lentii – a revolutionary travel planning tool, ideal for those that easily get frustrated, trying to reach a compromise among their travel group.

We believe travel planning should be nothing but fun; therefore, we created a quick guide to follow if you are just getting started on Lentii.

How to get startet on Lentii?

Before you do anything, you’re left with a choice, to either create an account or test out the product first, you can click “Try Lentii” or “Getting started” and use the product with limited access to features, or log in. 

If you’re logged in, the trip itineraries you create will be stored on your account to access later.

  • On the condition, that you log in, you will find yourself on the dashboard where you’ll be able to see all your trip-lists, and you’ll not have any since it’s your first time on the product, so click on the “Create a new trip-list” button and let’s begin.  
  • If you want to test Lentii without being logged in, you’ll be sent straight to the trip-list’s creation phase.

1. Choose the destination of your trip

Whenever you start creating a trip-list, the first thing you are asked to do is to choose your destination, obviously. By knowing the destination, we will be able to suggest experiences and local insights for you. You can choose multiple cities if you want.

  • Here you can also just write a specific address in the input, if you know exactly where you’re going

2. Choose what kind of trip it is

To prepare better recommendations for you, we will ask you to choose the type of trip. Is it a business trip, a romantic vacation, or an action-packed adventure? 

If this is still unknown, you can skip this step and return to this later in time.


3. Choose the dates of the trip

To have even more time relevant recommendations and more structure in your itinerary, we highly suggest selecting the trip dates.

  • In case, you don’t know the specific dates yet, you can also separately select the trip’s length in days.

If you have no knowledge of either the trip’s dates or the trip’s length, you can also skip this step.


4. Choose a name for your trip

Think of something short and sweet that describes what your trip is about.

If still unknown, you can skip this step, and we’ll name it for you.


5. Start designing your itinerary

Once you are at this step, the fun begins! You have set up your itinerary, and now you can start exploring the ideas recommended by us. 

You will see an automatically created bundle, which you can name as you wish (for example, “Restaurants to try”) and start browsing our idea catalogue by clicking on the “Search ideas” button. Of course, you can also add more bundles as you go.


When you search for ideas, you will be able to see something like the following screenshot. When you find an idea you find interesting, simply click the “Bookmark” button and select which bundle you want it to go to.


6. How to invite your travel mates to Lentii and the trip-list?

Once you are done having fun browsing ideas for your next trip, and you are happy with how everything looks, go ahead and scroll all the way up until you find the orange plus button to add people to the trip-list. 

  • This way, they will be able to join in on the planning process and vote on the ideas you selected! What better way of democratizing trip planning.

7. Have a wonderful trip with your friends!

If you have made it this far, congratulations. You are on your way to having a successful group trip and avoiding exhausting disagreements on the way. Good job! 

Are you traveling with your family? Check out this guide for tips and benefits on how to make travel planning fun!

Now start packing your bags and enjoy your vacation!

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