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Installing the extension

Lentii has an extension, and installing this will make it easier for you to save your ideas.

Why should I install this extension?

Lentii has recently launched its own Chrome browser extension, which allows users to save their travel ideas even quicker. It allows for one-click idea-saving without even having to leave the website. After installing the extension, all you have to do is browse the internet for interesting things, and press the icon to activate it when you want to save something to your trip-list on Lentii.


How do I install the extension?

1. Press “Apps” in the top left corner just below the arrows. 

2. Press the “Web Store” icon. You’ll now see the Web Store where you can search for extensions. 

3. Type in “Lentii”.


4. When you’ve found our extension, simply click on it and then press the blue button “Add to Chrome”. 

5. You’ll now get a pop-up window, where you should click “Add extension” in the right corner. The installing will begin now. 


Pin extension

For easier and quicker access to our extension, we recommend pinning it to your browser. Just click on the puzzle piece in the top right corner, and press the small “pin” icon in order to pin it. 

Pin extensions
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