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The different user roles

It is possible to add trip members with different user roles. Here you can see an overview of the different roles and permissions.

At Lentii, we want to make things intuitive and easy to use. That’s why we prepared a guide for you to have a better understanding of the user roles. The user roles define the permissions for the users inside of a shared trip-list.

In some cases, it is wise to curate the activity inside of a trip-list. To make curation easy, we have created a set of different user roles that allow for some restrictions.

As far as the default user roles are concerned, the Trip Owner has the highest level of access, while the Traveler has the least. Trip Owners and Trip Planners can handle most of the planning inside the trip, while the Traveler only can add and delete ideas created by themselves.

When adding members to the trip-list consider if it’s necessary to add Trip Owners. In most cases, the Trip Planner role will be enough.


Travelers have the most limited freedom. They are only allowed to add, edit, and delete their own ideas and upvote the ideas in the trip-list.

Trip Planner

Trip Planners can do the same as Travelers, plus they can fully edit the trip-list and the ideas in it, they can select the final ideas for the trip, as well as assign the Traveler and Trip Planner roles to members.

Trip Owner

Needless to say, Trip Owners have access to all the features. This means they can do everything that the other roles can do, plus they can assign and change all member roles, remove members, recover ideas, and delete the trip-list.

Trip Creator

Trip Creators are essentially Trip Owners who initially created the trip-list. There is no immediate difference between Trip Owners and Trip Creators.

Manage Members

For more information about how to manage members from within a trip-list please read this article.

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