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Editing ideas can be a good way to personalize and manage information within your trip-list. Read this if you want to learn more about how to do this.

Lentii is the most versatile tool for saving travel ideas. As a member of a trip-list, you have an opportunity to add as many ideas as you want. 

But when adding ideas it is a good thing to provide some additional information to the idea in order to make it more understandable for other members. Luckily, we have added a description functionality to all of the trip-list ideas. 

Depending on what method you have used to add the idea the description text might already be filled with text. If you feel like adding your own description to the idea, editing the description text is actually fairly easy. 

Who can edit ideas?

It goes without saying that all three user roles are able to edit ideas they create themselves. But only the Trip Owners and Trip Planners are able to edit all ideas inside the trip-list. 

This means that members with a Traveler user role are only able to edit the ideas they have added to the trip-list themselves. Trip Owners and Trip Planners are able to edit ideas added by other members.  

How to edit the idea

There are multiple ways to edit an idea. Ideas can be modified from within the trip-list or from inside of the idea popup.

Edit from the trip-list

From the trip-list the creators of the idea have the possibility to remove the idea or upvote on it. NB: Only the creator of the idea or the Trip Owners and Trip Planners are able to remove the idea.

Remove and vote on an idea

Edit from the popup

From the idea popup the Trip Owners and Trip Planners and the creators of the idea are able to edit multiple things. They have to possibility to edit:

  • The title
  • The category of the idea
  • The image
  • The price
  • The link
  • The dates
  • The location
  • The description of the idea

If you wish to edit an idea, simply press on the idea, and you’ll be able to change all of the above information.

Idea lightbox

Add images with Unsplash

If you are missing a great photo for an idea we have made it super simple for you to add a professional image from Unsplash to the idea. 

Add images from Unsplash
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