Walkable cities – reach step goals in a new environment

Walkable cities

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Have you recently developed a new fondness for taking long walks? Then you should visit our walkable cities!

Why not combine your new daily step goal with a trip to one of the many beautiful and walkable cities described in our trip-lists! Read our three main reasons for doing so below! 


The past year of lockdowns and restrictions has led to many people adding walks to their schedule. With gyms being closed in most places, walking has become one of the most popular exercise forms.

  • If you’re interested in reading about the health benefits of walking, take a look here! 

One big difficulty at the moment when embarking on long walks is mixing it up and seeing new things. Having had so much time on your hands, some people may have already walked their city thin.

So why not combine your next trip with your new favorite kind of exercise and start exploring the world on foot?


Exploring new places entirely by foot enables you to take in the city in a whole new way, as well as relieving you of spending unnecessary time and money on public transport! 

  • It can easily become a costly process if you are dependent on cars within a city. 

Whether you take taxis, rental cars, or public transport, these all tend to leave a dent in the bank account, which can easily be avoided!


Our planet is already being put through so much – so why not do your part in minimizing carbon footprints. This can be done by being less dependent on cars and planning trips to places that are completely walkable. 

  • Choosing to walk instead of taking the car helps protect the environment in multiple ways. It helps reduce air pollution, increases the need for green spaces as well as reducing noise pollution! Read more about the 5 ways walking helps protect the planet here.

Pack a pedometer and your comfiest shoes and start exploring. Whether your daily goal is 10- or 20.000 steps, you’ll be sure to make it in no time. If you are interested in Scandinavia, Germany, the rest of Europe, or even somewhere further away like USA or Asia – we’ve got you covered.