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Lentii Interns


New stars joined the Lentii team

The Lentii team has now a bigger componence: four interns joined Lentii and are helping with valuable input.

✨ Joakim

I am 24 and got my bachelor’s degree in Digital Design at Aarhus University in summer 2021. I love being creative and working with UX and UI so an internship at Lentii was a perfect opportunity to learn a lot and get some crucial experience in the field. 

✨ Roberto

I am Roberto from Romania, I’m 40, and I am an aspiring front-end developer, currently studying Multimedia Design at Business Academy Aarhus. I work as a front-end developer intern for Lentii.com, taking care of UI’s looks and functionality.

✨ Gabriela

I am a 19 year old Marketing Management student at Business Academy Aarhus who strives to  discover places that call for creativity. Considering Lentii’s niche and my love for traveling, this position as an intern makes it easy and comfortable to work in an environment where you feel welcome and understood, doing what you love.

✨ Dorin

I am 27 years old. Been in the animation and restaurant industry. Studying Software Engineering at VIA University in Horsens.

Working as an intern at Lentii, primarily dealing with data analytics.

✈️ Get yourself inspired by navigating through Lentii and find something close to your heart. ♥️ Take care of yourself and make yourself a trip present from time to time.✈️ Get energised, motivated and stay safe! 🙌
Gabriela Crecescu
Digital Marketing intern who sees everything as an opportunity for creation. With a passion for drawing, design, and traveling, trying to grow alongside the company.
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