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News update

News Update on the Latest Lentii Activity

A news update about the exciting things happening at Lentii and the launch of our new investment newsletter to be sent out every month.

Here’s a news update on what we have been working with for the last couple of months. If you are interested in getting a sneak peek at what we have been working on behind the scenes – get your update by reading this article. 

Making Lentii better during COVID19!

Covid-19 has – like many other businesses – had a huge impact on us, but we’ve used the time to make Lentii even better.🧐

We will be launching the new and improved version of Lentii soon! In the mean time – you can check out the latest updates on the platform right now  🙌👏

Newest feature updates

To list a few updates we have made of the new updates we have made to make the experience even better for you guys – take a look below:

🌟 New planning interface

New and improved planning interface, which makes Lentii the most dynamic travel planning tool in the world.

📷 Integrated with Unsplash

When you need a beautiful image for your ideas of trip-list cover, it is no longer necessary to search externally.

🎓 Added a web-tour

We have added a web-tour to shorten the learning curve and make our product even more intuitive. 

🔍 Improved link scanner

It now works on all websites, and the scan is done at twice the speed!

Next steps for Lentii

📣  Increased marketing activity – We will reactivate our newsletters with fantastic material to inspire travelers to better their travel planning, plenty of inspiration for destinations, and much more.
📝  Active business development – We have strengthened our team with new profiles on the external communication front. We will be working with high effort to nurture our existing partnerships and make many new ones.
🎓  Optimizing the onboarding experience – Through intensive user testing, we are working tirelessly on improving the Lentii user experience. We are inviting travelers to test the user interface every 14 days to locate design flaws and ways to improve the experience.
✈️  Developing the travel catalog – To help you guys out with inspiration on using Lentii, we have made several inspirational trip-lists public for you to examine. Due to the Lentii interface’s flexibility, we have started using our trip-list as an alternative blog page.

Inspiration and news updates

Finally, we hope to launch our beta to live this summer, but we have made lots of exciting content to keep you busy until then. Check out our blog section here for helpful tips & tricks, and inspiration for your next trip!

We have started doing investment newsletters to keep interested parties an in-deep news update on our current projects – so sign up if you’re interested in following along our journey.

Sign up for our investment newsletters

  • If you are interested in staying updated with our latest endeavors, send an email to invest@lentii.com and sign up for our investment newsletters!

Natascha Kyster-Hansen
Marketing and content creator intern at Lentii with a passion for traveling. I have lived in Copenhagen, Paris, Manchester & Kuala Lumpur over the last 4 years and now live in Aarhus!
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