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Lentii is Joining Accelerace

Lentii is going to be a part of Europe's leading seed accelerator and is joining the path of other Danish tech giants, drawing on a vast network

Lentii has been very fortunate to be accepted as a part of the Accelerace accelerator program. Accelerace is an EU and government-funded accelerator program, with the purpose of acceleration young promising startups towards initial growth and scale. 


Accelerace was founded back in 2008, and over the years, the accelerator has gone on to help more than 600 startups. Today more than 84% of these companies are still active, which is a totally astonishing success rate. 


Of smalle business started back in 2014, only 56% survived four years. This goes to show the incredible impact Accelerace has to provide new startups. 

In 2018 Accelerace was elected as “The Best Accelerator in the Nordics.” It has undoubtedly delivered on their vision: 


To take great technologies of tomorrow and even greater teams under our wing to make them fly.” 


Accelerace has a portfolio of companies like Templafy, Donkey Republic, Coinify, and Trustpilot, among others. The Accelerace alumni companies have gone on to raise a total of almost 4 bn DKK ($540 mil). 


At Lentii, we feel honored to be a part of this exclusive family and are going to work wholeheartedly on filling the shoes of the past giants to walk in their steps. 

Bjørn Valentin
During my journey as co-founder I have seen how much the world of travel faces hidden obstacles. It’s my objective to kill each obstacle, one at a time.
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