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Accelerace Bootcamp

An intensive Accelerace Bootcamp resulted in many significant findings. CEO Bjørn Valentin share feedback on the Bootcamp

This week two of our founders participated in an intensive Bootcamp, conducted by Accelerace and hosted at the InQvation headquarter in Høje Taastrup. The Bootcamp was four days if intense workshops that focused on perfecting the Lentii concept and making us able to provide the best solution to travelers around the world. 


“We had a bunch of epiphanies during this workshop, starting with day one where we started seeing that the biggest issue that we are in a unique position to alleviate for travelers is the hassle of tedious decision-making. This was a new perspective to our value proposition, which we hadn’t previously considered.”  – Bjørn CEO of Lentii 


To elaborate further: 


“We are very excited about the finding we mare during this Bootcamp. We cant wait to get started with taking action on these findings at soon as possible. Not only discovering that desition-making as one of the most significant issues in coordinating a trip, but also seeing group size as an issue, has flipped our product roadmap in quite an impactful way.”


We at Lentii are looking forward to the upcoming months, knowing that this is only the beginning of us honing in on how to solve the problems related to travel planning. 


You can read more about the review from Accelerace on the kick-off Bootcamp here.

Bjørn Valentin
During my journey as co-founder I have seen how much the world of travel faces hidden obstacles. It’s my objective to kill each obstacle, one at a time.
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