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Partnership agreement

New Partnership | Wimdu​

Lentii announces a new exciting partnership with the German platform Wimdu. One of the largest EU providers of private accommodations with +350.000 listings

We are happy to announce that we have made a new partnership with the private rental accommodation platform Wimdu. 

Wimdu is the largest European based provider of private accommodations with more than 350.000 listings. Launched in  Germany back in 2011, Wimdu sought out to provide a service that enabled people to lease private short term rentals. The company has since grown tremendously and is now the most significant player within the EU P2P rental market. 

We are happy to team up with them and are going to be working eagerly towards providing easily accessible accommodations to our users. 

Bjørn Valentin
During my journey as co-founder I have seen how much the world of travel faces hidden obstacles. It’s my objective to kill each obstacle, one at a time.
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