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Our CEO was Featured in the Paper​

The regional newspaper "Randers Amts Avis" featured a full two-page article about CEO Bjørn Valentin and how we revolutionize travel planning for everyone

The regional newspaper “Randers Amts Avis”  featured a full two-page article about our CEO Bjørn Valentin. The article focused on his roots from his hometown Randers, and our ambition to revolutionize travel planning for everyone.  

The article goes on to touch on the origin of Lentii as a concept. It describes how Kent and Bjørn originally had a vision that led them to try and better the planning experience for travelers around the world.

The article is in Danish and can be read at the following links:




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The Lentii Concept

Let’s introduce you to the Lentii concept. Our vision is to make planning fun and easy for every embarking on a new journey – no matter how many ideas you have gathered as inspiration for the trip. 

Here’s a little video to give you a better understanding of the Lentii concept.